Friday, February 9, 2007

I am so dumb. 24 hours later and I've already forgotten that my "user name" is the same as my email address. Sheesh.

No writing yet...still planning. Very scared. I'm afraid the words won't come, and I won't be able to get what is in my mind down on paper. And that it won't be as funny as I'd like it to be (light, comic mystery). I've written at least 8 manuscripts so far, and somehow the words always showed up so I don't know why all the panic. I sort of feel like this is my "last chance". Ridiculous.

Sunday I plan to sit down with my cookbooks and come up with a week of healthy! menus for me, hubby and the kid remaining at home. Then I'll be able to get dinner out of the way and WORK. I can also do a little on my lunchbreak at the office, but I sometimes find that the atmosphere stifles creativity, and I tend to write as if someone were looking over my shoulder. Doesn't work well for sex scenes! Or just about any scene...

I'd love to do 5 pages per day. Secretly I'm hoping for 10. I want to get the first draft DONE. This isn't going to be Shakespere. I hope to be plunged back into the submission process by summer.


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