Thursday, March 22, 2007

The Importance of Research

AAAARRRGH. That's me screaming. I had this whole post written--what a beauty too--and I accidentally hit something and it DISAPPEARED! Woe is me.

Anyway...I was rambling on about how I hadn't accomplished much this week other than mucho tinkering with the old plot thanks to some help from my online plotting group Plot Hatchers. Bless you, ladies! I also did a lot more research on roller derby. I concentrated on reading blogs related to roller derby and got lots of ideas for conflict, plot twists, etc. I would highly recommend it. If you are writing about a particular racing, for instance...go to blogspot or your favorite and plug it into the search engine. All sorts of wonderful things will pop up.

I discovered one most amazing thing. According to a news report I unearthed, girls, desperate to get into a top college in this year when college applications have hit an all-time record, have turned away from the unbiquitous sports like soccer and lacrosse, guessed it...roller derby!

Hmmmm, can I work an over-achieving coed into my manuscript?


liz fenwick said...

Good luck trying!!!

Zinnia Cyclamen said...

Could be fun to try.

I always write my blog posts offline, then copy and paste them into Blogger. Always.

And thanks for the research tip.