Monday, March 12, 2007

Starting Over

Last week was something of a wash. My writing coach and I exchange our goals at the beginning of the week and then review them to see how we've done at the end of the week. Unfortunately I did not accomplish any of my goals.

On the other hand, I did stop to do some more background work--fixing plot problems, doing character sketches, etc. I think it is going to make for a stronger story. It means starting over, but there are bit and pieces I can keep.

I hope this isn't my internal editor's way to getting me to stop and smell the revisions! I started this determined to push forward without going back to edit.


Zinnia Cyclamen said...

Sometimes I think the terminology we use - 'first draft', 'second draft' etc - makes the process of writing a novel seem neater and tidier than it really is. In theory the first draft is writing and the second is revising, but it's not always that simple. The kind of background work you describe, when done at an early stage, can save deleting huge quantities of writing later on. I had to write 20,000 words of new stuff as part of my second draft, when I realised the first draft started too far into the story. As long as you're working on it, you're making progress, even if the word count doesn't increase.

liz fenwick said...

Ditto what Zinna said:-)