Friday, November 14, 2008

Yesterday at lunch I cranked out 350 words. Rather pitiful since I didn't write last night. What did I do? Read a bit. Had a late dinner. Had to sign some papers for investment man. Somehow the evening got away from me. Oh, yes, there was the puppy cam, too. Fortunately the pups are almost ready to go to their new homes so no more distractions from them!

The night before I read the new book I received via Barnes & Noble's used book service (in great shape except it SMELLS like mildew. Have to hold it far away from my nose.) It's Plot & Structure by James Bell (I think he has a middle name in there, but I've forgotten what it is.) Some really interesting tips for brainstorming and enhancing creativity. Can't wait to try some of them. He recommends setting aside a certain amount of time per week to get ideas. Lots of them. So when you pick one, you know it's one you're really in love with.

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